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        XBRL-CN site, the official website for the XBRL China jurisdiction, reproduces and issues varied XBRL-based academic articles and application cases to promote XBRL-based financial information exchange standard and standardized XBRL-based financial information exchange format in various industries, to reduce social information utilization cost; to improve information accuracy and utilization; to accelerate the electronic, automatic and networked process of financial information disposal. XBRL-CN site, purely academic, non-profitable, and free of any business purpose, potential market, value or commercial behavior, serves as an electronic platform for XBRL study, growth, promotion and application in China as well as the international exchange and cooperation.
        XBRL-CN site do its best for accurate, complete and timely of providing content, but not make any guarantee for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness. XBRL-CN site and all people of the site shall not be liable for the loss caused by any direct or indirect using of the site content, including but not limited to the loss caused by inaccurate and incomplete of relevant content. XBRL-CN site also do not ensure the accuracy and completeness of the external links. Any institution or individual, who acquire other Web content through this Web site links or other site links, should bear risk by oneself.
        All the text, images, and audio and video articles Where annotated " Source: XBRL-CN site", copyright belong an XBRL-CN site, any media, websites or individuals without the authorization of XBRL-CN site shall not be reproduced, links, Posted or otherwise copy published. The media, web sites or individual, their has been authorized by XBRL-CN site, when download or use must annotated "Source: XBRL-CN site," XBRL-CN site will be liable to be prosecuted according to law for violator.
        XBRL-CN site did not specify "Source: XBRL-CN site" the text / images, and other plans are reproduced , XBRL-CN site reproduced for the purpose of transfer more information, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the content of the real Sexual. If other media, websites or individuals downloaded from XBRL-CN site, must be used annotated "source", and own the copyright and other legal obligations. Such as unauthorized tampering, XBRL-CN site will be prosecuted according to law. If you have any question, please contact us promptly.
        Any institution or individual use of this site should comply with the relevant Chinese laws and this statement, should not undermine the safe operation of this site, should not use this website in an unlawful activity, should not harm the legitimate rights and interests of this site.
        XBRL-CN site establishment basis the mainland legal of the People's Republic of China and rule by the mainland court of the People's Republic of China, visiting or touching the information of this site in any other district, is not considered that this site and all people of this site accept law and court rule of other district.
        If reproduced of XBRL-CN site on issues such as copyright, the author calls or communications with the XBRL-CN site within two weeks.
        This statement release on homepage and relevant page of this site. This site prompted serious: Any institution or individual to enter this site, is confirmation that you have understood and accepted all content of this statement. XBRL-CN site reserve the right of modification and interpretation for this statement .
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